Congratulations on being admitted to San José State University’s Electrical Engineering program! We’re here to guide you through a few essential steps you should take when starting your journey with us. Below is a list of things to do, things to avoid, and some resources to help get you started.

What You Need to Know and Do After Being Accepted

Follow the Instructions in your Acceptance Letter

  • Carefully follow the instructions in your acceptance letter. Remember, the requirements in your letter may be different from the requirements of other students. Your acceptance letter will be the most reliable resource of information on how to continue into the program.

General Steps to Enrollment

  • Please check SJSU’s Steps to Enrollment for information on what you should do as a new student in the university.

  • The link above contains general information about steps that all students need to complete after being admitted to San José State. 


  • Make sure that your email address and telephone number are up-to-date on your MySJSU account.

  • Check your email regularly to obtain information and to address requests on time.

During the first semester at SJSU:

  • If you are admitted as a “Conditionally Accepted” student, you need to complete the admission conditions outlined in your acceptance letter as soon as possible and apply to change your status to “Classified.” The Change of Classification in Graduate Program form is available here.

  • Plan to complete required core courses and GWAR as soon as possible. Many elective classes have core courses as prerequisites.

Important Websites:


  • After attending orientation, you can change your schedule by dropping and adding classes.

  • If you want to enroll in a class that is already full, attend the first lecture and ask the professor for a permission code. If there is still space available, you may add the class.

  • Note that the waiting list is only for the instructor to know the status of their class, and it does not guarantee that you will be automatically enrolled when space is available.

  • Make sure to enroll in your classes on time and pay all fees by their deadline. Timely payments will help you avoid possible admission problems.

  • If you cannot enroll in the classes you want, enroll in other courses that are still open and pay your tuition on time to avoid possible admission problems.

  • The EE Department guarantees that new students will be able to enroll in two core courses during their first semester at SJSU. Note that these courses may not be your preferred sessions.

  • You can obtain catalog descriptions of all EE courses by searching in the SJSU Catalog.

For International Students:

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Don’t contact the EE Department for add-codes/permission-codes. Professors will give these codes at the beginning of the semester after their class starts.

  • Don’t contact the EE Department requesting an advisor. You will select your area advisor after attending the orientation session.

  • Don’t contact the EE Department regarding payments or financial questions. You can find financial information at the Bursar’s Office.

  • Do attend all orientation sessions mentioned in your acceptance letter. Students that skip the orientation session tend to face difficulties during their time in the program.


Graduate FAQ


Upon Admission

Graduate Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR)

Curriculum and Specializations

Courses and Enrollment

Master’s Project and Thesis

Internships and Curricular Practical Training

The ISSS Office manages all information about CPT. Visit the ISSS website for answers to your questions.

Note that international students must enroll in a one-unit EE 298i course each semester and summer while working as Interns. EE 298i units do not count toward the units required for the degree.

Applying for Assistant Positions