Open Lab

The Open Lab supports Undergraduate and Graduate students with their studies and homework. All computers in the lab have software installed such as MATLAB, ADS, Microwave Office, Altera, Orcad, etc. Cadence and Synopsis tools are equipped on the PCs, and a printing facility is available to students. This lab is open Monday to Saturday from 6:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.

Laboratory Sponsor: SJSU Electrical Engineering Department

Room Number: ENGR 387

Black computer stations filling up a classsroom. Blue chairs are set up in front of every monitor.

Faculty Lab Directors
SJSU Electrical Engineering Department

EE 153 - Introduction to Digital Signal Processing
EE 210 - Linear System Theory
EE 253 - Digital Signal Processing
EE 295 - Technical Writing - Engineering Ethics
EE 198A/B - Senior Design Project
EE 297A/B - MSEE Project
EE 299A/B - MSEE Thesis

Available Equipment

Equipment Model Quantity
Desktop Computer Dell Precision T1650 25