Xilinx Design Laboratory

The Xilinx Lab is used to conduct practical labs for undergraduate courses and graduate MSEE projects. This lab provides students with a logical and electrical basis for Digital System Design. Students will develop basic programmable logic components such as MUXs, DEMUXs, Flip-flops, decoders, encoders, etc., and learn about FPGA devices, synthesis, and simulation tools.

Laboratory Sponsor: Xilinx


Room: ENGR 305

Faculty Lab Directors
Chang Choo

EE 178 - Digital Design with FPGAs
EE 198A/B - Senior Design Project
EE 297A/B - MSEE Project
EE 299A/B - MSEE Thesis


Available Equipment

Equipment     Model Quantity
Digital Multimeter     Fluke 8010A, Tektronix CDM250 12
Oscilloscope     Tektronix 2211, 2212, 2225, 2247A, TAS465 12
Xilinx Analog Device     Digilent NEXYS4 13 13
Desktop Computer     Dell Optiplex 9010 20