Quantum Computing & Embedded Systems Laboratory

The research lab gives students the tools to conduct cutting-edge research projects in embedded systems, system-on-chip, device modeling, and high-performance computational.  The lab also supports students from several graduate-level courses in embedded systems, system-on-chip, device modeling and simulation, cryogenic nanoelectronics, and quantum computing architectures.

Laboratory Sponsor: SJSU Electrical Engineering Department

Room Number: ENGR 389

Rows of desks and monitors with large white PCs beside them.

Faculty Lab Directors
Thuy T. Le
Binh Q. Le
Hiu-Yung Wong

EE 222 - Advanced Integrated Devices
EE 225 - Introduction to Quantum Computing
EE 226 - Cryogenic Nanoelectronics
EE 274 - Quantum Computing Architectures
EE 275 - Advanced Computer Architectures
EE 277A - Embedded SoC Design
EE 198A/B - Senior Design Project
EE 297A/B - MSEE Project
EE 299A/B - MSEE Thesis

Available Equipment

Equipment Model Quantity
Desktop Computer Dell Optiplex 9020 20
Multicore HPC Server Titanus 2