Change of Major

The Electrical Engineering department will apply the following Change of Major Policy for matriculated San Jose State University students who wish to change majors to Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (BSEE).

Any SJSU students who wish to apply to change their major to BSEE must meet the minimum requirements listed below:

1. Both overall GPA and SJSU GPA are 3.0 or above
2. Have completed ENGL 1A, MATH 30/30X, MATH 31/31X, and PHYS 50, all with grades of C- or better.

All applicants who meet minimum requirements will be ranked based on the number and strength of all the STEM classes taken, including classes listed in #2 above and repeated courses. The number of accepted students will depend on the available seats in the program.

Please follow the Change of Major process described on the Engineering Student Success Center (ESSC) website.