FPGA, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence

This FRAI lab provides PC-based FPGA co-development workstations for developing and implementing various communications, video, imaging, and control algorithms in robotic applications. The lab supports faculty and student research projects using several types of processors and FPGA chips.

Laboratory Sponsors: Altera, Texas Instruments


Room: ENGR 386

Faculty Lab Directors
Chang Choo
Thuy T. Le

EE 256 - Programmable DSP Architectures and Applications
EE 278 - Digital Design for DSP/Communications
EE 198A/B - Senior Design Project
EE 297A/B - MSEE Project
EE 299A/B - MSEE Thesis


Available Equipment

Equipment     Model Quantity
Oscilloscope     Tektronix 2255 2
Logic Analyzer     PM 3565 1
Multicore HPC Server     Titanus 1
Desktop Computer     Dell Precision T1700 18