Electronic Design II Laboratory

This lab has state-of-the-art electronic instruments and an ELVIS Demo Station (Educational LabView Instrument System.) High-tech software like LabView & PSpice is used as a design aid to develop and measure basic analog bipolar and CMOS IC circuits.

Working in this lab gives students hands-on experience in designing and verifying simple building blocks of IC amplifiers, transconductance and operational amplifiers, their frequency response, and their use in feedback circuits.

Laboratory Sponsor: SJSU Electrical Engineering Department


Room: ENGR 258

Faculty Lab Directors
Hiu-Yung Wong

EE 124 - Electronic Design II
EE 127 - Electronics for Biomedical Applications


Available Equipment

Equipment     Model Quantity
Digital Multimeter     Keysight 34461A, Agilent 34401A 12
Waveform Generator     Agilent 33220A, 33120A 11
DC Power Supply     Agilent E3631A, E3630A, HP 6236B, Heatkit IP-2718, Tektronix CPS250 21
Oscilloscope     Agilent DSO6014A, DSO-X2012A 12
Desktop Computer     Dell Precision T1700 12