Programs with Supplemental Criteria

Transfer Applicants Only

For each admission term, a select number of programs will give preference in the impaction process to transfer applicants who have completed program-specific preparatory coursework.

Why did SJSU implement program-specific coursework criteria for these programs?

SJSU has determined that the completion of program-specific coursework or an Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) as approved in our impaction plan and listed on our Supplemental Criteria for Transfer Applicants pages, will support successful completion of these degree programs and timely graduation.

The programs that will give preference to applicants who have met supplemental criteria fall into two categories:

Supplemental Criteria for Transfer Applicants: Program Specific Coursework

Programs that have identified lower-division preparatory courses as supplemental criteria and will rank students based on a combination of the number of program-specific preparatory courses completed and self-reported GPA.

For example, an applicant who has completed one or more of the courses associated with a program listed here, will be given preference over other applicants who have the same GPA, but have not completed any of the supplemental courses. Similarly, if two applicants have completed the same number of program-specific preparation courses, preference will be given to the applicant with the higher GPA.

Supplement Criteria for Transfer Applicants: Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT)

Programs that have identified an Associate Degree for Transfer as supplemental criteria will give preference to applicants who have completed the major-specific Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT). For these programs, an applicant that has completed the ADT identified by the SJSU program, will get preference over an applicant with the same GPA that did not earn the identified ADT.