International Transfer Applicant

Thank you for submitting your application to SJSU!

We encourage you to check your MySJSU account weekly for any deadlines, messages and/or documents required to complete your application to SJSU. A list of general deadlines is also available for quick review. 

Activate MySJSU

MySJSU is the official communication tool during your admission and enrollment process at SJSU. If you have applied, your very next step should be activating your MySJSU account so you can check your messages and “To Do List” items.

Review the Steps to Admission

Our steps to admission provides an overview of the necessary steps to successfully complete the application process for SJSU. 

Admission Statuses

You can view your current admission status on your MySJSU Student Center by scrolling to the bottom of the screen under Admissions and clicking on "View Status". You can reference our Admission Status page for detailed descriptions.

Residency Information

Your residency status is determined by the answers you provided on your Cal State Apply application. If you have any questions about how residency is determined, please review our Residency information.

Spartan Pathways

Spartan Pathways is a university commitment to provide access to communities characterized by low socioeconomic status and historically low rates of college attendance.

CSU-eligible applicants, who did not meet the major-specific impaction threshold to the university are eligible to apply for the Spartan Pathways program.

These individuals will receive information about participation in the message posted to their MySJSU student account at the time of admission withdrawal for impaction.

Admission Appeals

San José State is impacted for all majors at the undergraduate level. This means that we do not have the enrollment capacity to accept all eligible applicants. If you were not offered admission, or if your application was withdrawn because you missed a deadline, it is unlikely that our decision will be reversed on appeal.

If you have a serious and compelling reason for reconsideration and you wish to submit an appeal, please follow the directions to submit an undergraduate admission appeal request.

Apply to a Later Term

If your appeal is not accepted or you decide to continue your education via the community college system or at another university, we hope that you will reapply to SJSU for the next available term. Please monitor Cal State Apply for current information.