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To apply for admission to San José State University, first review SJSU's application deadlines and admission requirements, then fill out an online application at Cal State Apply. 


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Transfer Steps to Admission

Learn about the steps you will take as you go through the Transfer application process at SJSU. 

Supplemental Application

All transfer applicants will be required to submit a supplemental application. The supplemental application will include your fall grades and show your progress in completing major specific course requirements (if required).

Associate Degree for Transfer

At SJSU, a California Community College student who has earned the Associate in Arts degree for Transfer (AA-T) or the Associate in Science degree for Transfer (AS-T) will receive priority admission consideration if applying to a baccalaureate degree program as long as the student meets all the admission requirements.

Former SJSU Students

Learn about the Former Student Returning process and the form(s) you may need to complete if you plan to attend SJSU again. If you attended SJSU previously, you must re-apply to SJSU, meet the transfer impaction criteria, and should also complete a petition for re-admission. A petition for reinstatement may also be required if you were disqualified from SJSU.

Success Programs

Review our resources and programs designed to assist you successfully navigate through the application process and transition into SJSU.