Degree Program Requirements

Each graduate program has unique admission requirements. Select from the list below to explore your program's admission criteria and application instructions.

Required tests are associated with a student’s academic record and are applicable to individual degree programs. Graduate programs may require submission of additional application materials.

Please identify your program requirements by selecting the hyperlinks provided within the listed tables.

Note: A Cal State Apply application is required for consideration to any program. 

Supplemental Statement of Purpose

A supplemental Statement of Purpose may be required of the graduate program you are applying to. You must research your program’s Degree Program Requirements to verify if the graduate program accepts a supplemental Statement of Purpose as part of their separate program admission criteria.

Submission of a supplemental Statement of Purpose should occur after submission of your Cal State Apply application and after you have activated your SJSUOne account.

Upload your Statement of Purpose online

If the program you are applying to has different instructions for submitting your Statement of Purpose, you should only follow and use their specific instructions and deadlines for submission.

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