Master of Design (MDes)

About the Master of Design Graduate Program at SJSU

The Master of Design (MDes) graduate program at SJSU offers advanced and rigorous studies in design with unique specializations in the areas of Animation and Experience Design. Strategically located in California's Silicon Valley, at the center of a globally renowned technology and innovation hub, the MDes program at SJSU sits at the intersection of technology, industry and academia.

With a focus on current, emerging and experimental professional practices, the MDes is an incubator for new ideas and methods. The MDes degree is comparable to an MFA and is considered a terminal degree in the fields of animation and design.

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Program Learning Outcomes:

  • PLO1 - Utilize creative research methodologies to investigate, discover, and understand complex problems.
  • PLO2 - Plan, implement, and evaluate creative projects that consider technological, ecological, socio-economic, and/or global contexts.
  • PLO3 - Employ creative practice and technology to conceptualize unique solutions for complex problems as part of a culminating project.
  • PLO4 - Demonstrate the ability to create, participate in and lead interdisciplinary and collaborative creative projects.

See Specialization FAQs for answers to common questions: