Graphic Design Student Work

During their time in our program at SJSU, our students will receive guidance from our faculty members and develop skills that will help them create fantastic work to include in their portfolios. Below, you will find a wide range of samples from the student's graphic design projects completed in the program:

Brando Vargas

Brandon Vargas

Nick Randle DsGD 120

Nick Randle

Martyna Ziemba DsGD 107A

Martyna Ziemba

Polina Sabrodska DsGD 110

Polina Zabrodska

Czeric Bennett

Danielle St.Oegger DsGD 103B

Danielle St.Oegger

Anthony Quiatchon DsGD 106

Anthony Quiatchon

Lauren Rosenberg

DsGD 120_Brandon_Huynh

Brandon Huynh

Tianting Sun DsGD 106

Tianting Sun

Stephanie Dang Naomi Yung Veronica Bilman Rocky Chan DsGD 132

Veronica Bilman, Rocky Chan, Stephanie Dang, and Naomi Yung

BFA Graphic Design Student Work