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MR. ROBOTO - Guest Curators: Virginia San Fratello and Eleanor Pries

February 24–June 30, 2024 Robots are our partners in the future. This exhibition showcases a collection of design activities and experiments by students at San José State University, as they test the creative possibilities of collaborating with a robot. Innovative designers have the opportunity to advance design, craft, and customization using industrial robots. These robotic explorations are unprecedented learning opportunities that teach students about cutting-edge content creation and fabrication methods that will allow designers to transform the professions and industries to which they will bring their robotic expertise. This means opening the door to the future of craft and design to the next generation and giving them the space, skills, and imagination to explore new activities and job opportunities.

Empower Young Artists: Global Initiative

Kudos to the Graphic Design students who took part in Global Citizen's Young Artists Collective program! This initiative aims to empower public school art students to use their creativity to drive global change. This year's focus was on creating posters that highlight the vital role of voting in shaping democratic societies. The culmination of their efforts will be showcased at a final exhibition during the annual Global Citizen NOW event in New York City this May. We're proud to announce that several SJSU Graphic Design students have been selected and will be featured in the exhibition this month. Take a moment to check out their impactful work!