Students in the Department of Design have access to the Central Shop, located on the first floor of the Art building. This 4000-square foot facility includes a complete wood and plastic fabrication shop, a machine shop, sheet metal shop, spray booth, welding shop, and mat cutting and framing facilities. The shops have a full-service dust collection and air filtration system. The shop is also home to specialized equipment including a laser cutter and industrial vacuum former. 

Each design program has its own dedicated laboratory. Industrial Design has the Seid Lab, which is an avant-garde digital fabrication lab filled with 3D printers, CNC routers, sewing machines, and many other tools that students have access to in order to support digital prototyping. Graphic Design has a print lab with large format, full-color printers, and desktop laser cutters. Interior Design has a materials laboratory and a digital fabrication facility that supports various types of 3D printing including binder jet printing, fused deposition modeling, and stereolithography printing. The Animation program has two excellent computer labs capable of running high-end animation software such as Maya, Unity, Toon Boom, and Zbrush among others. 

Department of Design students also have unlimited access to the Material Connexion Library located in the Martin Luther King Library.