About SJSU Graphic Design Program

Graphic Design Program

San José State University’s Graphic Design Program was formalized in 1969 and remains the only program in a public university in the Silicon Valley. Because of its opportune location in the Bay Area, students are able to work with design and technology industries, as well as professional and service organizations, to connect with broader design communities. These experiences, coupled with the internship they are required to complete, will arm students with the skills and confidence that make them effective contributors of the professional graphic design world.

Our acclaimed Graphic Design faculty believes that in order to effectively mold the next generation of graphic designers, the professors themselves must be active in the field so that they can instill in their students the most updated knowledge gained through firsthand experience; as such, many of our faculty members are working as designers concurrently with their teaching.

Additionally, we emphasize the importance of user experience and interaction with visual design. Graphic design is more than simply knowing how to draw; it’s more than self-expression; it’s having the ability to understand every aspect of the world. From packaging, to branding, to everything that happens on a screen, our program strives to provide students with the fundamental toolbox that prepares them for the constantly changing needs of society.

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Box with Sexual Assault FactoidMuu Milk Bottle Renders

"A Blue Note" PosterStack of Graphic Design Books

Kafka FlipBook"Bru" Coffee Bottles