Scott Summit

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Scott Summit founded design consultancy Summit ID in 1997, after designing for Tonic Industrial Design.  He then taught design at Carnegie Mellon University and Stanford University, and continues to lecture at Singularity University. Summit founded venture-backed Bespoke Innovations in 2008, exploring how 3D scanning and 3D printing may address complex human needs, including applications in limb loss, prosthetic devices, scoliosis, and post-op bracing. Bespoke was acquired by 3D Systems in 2012, where he continues to work as Design Director, exploring new directions in 3D printing and design.  

Summit holds over 25 patents in design, and has been widely published. He holds board seats at 3D printing research companies including Made In Space (space-based 3D printing) and eNable (philanthropic 3D printed prosthetic hands for children).