Industrial Design Student Work

During their time in our program at SJSU, our students will receive guidance from our faculty members and develop skills that will help them create fantastic work to include in their portfolios. Below, you will find a wide range of samples from the students' industrial design projects completed in the program: 

Bike Rack Contraption

Faris Elmasu


Prototype Planter

Matt Marchand


Colorful Application

Libra Group Project


Wall Cabinet Art

Syhyin Wong


Technology Infused Jacket

Benjamin Martin


Prototype Bicycle

Charles Gulan 


Wireless Device Charging Case

Jacob Abruzzini


Futuristic Device next to Planters

Ryan Lafayette


Sketches of a Prototype Composter

Cultivate Group Project


Prototype Food Cart

Cora Group Project


Intricate Designs inlaid in Metal

Anthony Ta


Prototype Exercise Belt

Brianna Britton