Minor, Graphic Design

Graphic Design Minor Requirements

The Graphic Design Minor is designed for students majoring in non-BA Design Studies degree. If you are majoring in BA Design Studies, you cannot also minor in graphic design.

You must have a 3.0 All College GPA or above to declare a graphic design minor.

To earn a graphic design minor, you must complete the coursework (21 units):*

Minor Preparation (6 units)
Complete One Course From:
ANI 11 - Illustration Fundamentals I 3 unit(s) (ART 24 will also be accepted for transfer students)
DSID 21 - Visualization I 3 unit(s)
DSIT 10 - Sketching, Drawing + Modeling 3 unit(s)

Complete One Course From:
ARTH 70A - Art History, Prehistoric to Medieval 3 unit(s) (C1)
ARTH 70B - Art History, Renaissance to Modern 3 unit(s) (C1)
ARTH 70C - Arts of Asia 3 unit(s) (C1)
(Highly Recommend Students take ARTH 70B)

Minor Requirements (15 units)
DSGD 63 - Fundamental Graphic Visualization 3 unit(s)
DSGD 83 - Digital Applications: Basics 3 unit(s)
DSGD 99 - Introduction to Typography 3 unit(s)
DSGD 100 - Visual Communication & Process (Fall only) 3 unit(s)
DSGD 104 - Introduction to Graphic Design (Spring only) 3 unit(s)

*You must earn a combined cumulative GPA of 2.0 (“C”) or above in all graphic design minor courses

Important Notes:

  • Although lower-division courses can be taken at a California Community College, 6 units must be completed at San Jose State University.
  • At least 12 units of minor coursework must be completely distinct and separate from your major’s course requirements (University Policy S16-4 [pdf]). Courses in support or preparation of the major may be included in the minor.

See the latest GD Minor form [pdf], and contact the design office to sign up for the minor.