Marjan Khatibi

Master of Fine Arts in Digital Arts and New Media / University of California, Santa Cruz
Master of Arts in Visual Communication (Graphic Design) / University of Art, Tehran, Iran

Headshot of Marjan Khatibi

Marjan Khatibi is an accomplished visual designer, researcher, and Adobe Education Leader. Through the powerful mediums of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Animation, Marjan shares her passion for promoting gender equity with a unique interdisciplinary approach. Marjan has effectively mastered conveying complex ideas to a diverse audience. Her research explores the limitless possibilities of virtual spaces to foster empathy, immersive experiences, and societal change.

Marjan received notable grants from influential organizations such as Unity and Meta Immersive Learning. These grants have allowed her to explore and push the boundaries of VR, AR, and Animation to effect positive societal impact and drive meaningful change.

Her awards include the "Outstanding Achievement Award for VR Animation" at the 32nd season of World Film Carnival – Singapore (WFCS) and the "Best Student Film" at Anmtn! – Online Animation Awards, Ukraine. Marjan Khatibi's impactful animation has exceeded borders and resonated with audiences worldwide, including festivals in the United Kingdom, Canada, Ukraine, India, and the United States. Her work's selection and festival screening has provided a platform for her to connect with diverse audiences and engage in cross-cultural conversations.

Marjan served as a jury member at the Cinequest Film and VR Festival and has contributed to shaping the future of storytelling and immersive experiences. She has shared her insights and knowledge with peers and professionals by presenting research at prestigious conferences like the AIGA Design Educators Community (DEC), ICOAH (The 9th International Conference on Arts and Humanities), BEA (The Broadcast Education Association), and UCDA (University & College Designers Association).