Guest Presentations

Guest presentations are one of our program's biggest strengths. We offer a variety of guest presentations every month, where you can hear from some of the top artists and recruiters in the entertainment industry. Guest presentations are also wonderful networking opportunities—often opening doors to showcase your portfolio or land an interview for a job or internship position. 

Warner Bros. Group Presentation

Warner Animation Group (WAG) |
Spring 2020

Jay Hasrajani and Jake Goldman

Jay Hasrajani and Jake Goldman (co-executive producers for animated series) |
Spring 2020

Video Game Presenter

Double Fine (Video Game Studio) |
Spring 2020

Cory Fuller giving persentation

Cory Fuller (Background Designer and Artist) |
Fall 2019

Man giving presentation

Pixar |
Spring 2019

Two People giving presentation

Nickelodeon |
Spring 2019

Woman at podium

Disney TV |
Spring 2019

People giving presentation

Disney |
Spring 2019

Group Photo

Cartoon Network |
Spring 2019

Two people giving presentation

Blue Sky |
Spring 2019

Two People standing in front of chairs

EDSS Tiny Inventions |
Fall 2018

Doug Chiang with microphone

Doug Chiang (Industrial Light and Magic) |
Fall 2018

Blizzard Group Shot

Blizzard |
Fall 2018

Floyd Norman and David Chai

Floyd Norman |
Spring 2018

Henri Hovhanesyan in front of students

Henri Hovhanesyan (Production Executive for Animated Series and Features ) |

Man in front of students

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