Master of Design (MDes) with a Specialization in Animation

With a strong focus on both content creation and digital technology, our Master of Design with a Specialization in Animation is the perfect incubator for your creative ideas and animation career. Two years and 60 units complete this new degree. 

The Masters in Design program with a concentration in Animation is designed for advanced students and professionals who have achieved a solid command in their area of interest and are committed to the development of innovative intellectual property for animation (film, TV series, short films, etc) and/or games.

The program is project based and tailored to nurture the creativity and vision of each student by providing opportunities for individual accomplishment. Ours is a creative community that will help promote the expression of unique and exceptional work.

Whether you have the desire to create a solo animation/game project or work collaboratively, the MDes Animation is a great place to expand your creativity, explore ideas through project-based learning and take your animation career to the next level.

This rigorous program pairs content creation with a strong technical component that goes hand in hand with its artistic aspects. Technical courses include CG animation, lighting, rendering, and building interactivity in animation and games. 

Our connections with industry professionals provide the opportunity for mentorships as you work on your projects. You will have several opportunities to interface directly with a range of artists and with several animation and game studios, greatly expanding your professional network. The vibrant culture of our animation program will inspire and lift you to conquer new heights as a professional artist and content creator.

The MDes is an incubator for new ideas and methods. The MDes degree is comparable to an MFA and considered a terminal degree in the area of Design and Animation.