Graduate Degrees

Group of graduate students.

The graduate program in the School of Music offers in-depth preparation and training for careers in performance, conducting, composition, research, and teaching, as well as providing advanced-level preparation for further advanced study, in nine distinct areas:

The Master of Music degree is a 30-unit course of study, typically taken in four semesters over two years, and consists of four "core" graduate seminars, one-on-one private lessons, area course work, and ensembles. The program culminates with a graduate recital, project, or thesis.

For more information about any of these areas in our degree program, please contact the coordinator of your area of interest.

Area Coordinators

Area Area Coordinator


Thomas Hornig

Choral Area

Dr. Jeffrey Benson


Dr. Pablo Furman


Dr. Gordon Haramaki

Jazz Studies

Dr. Aaron Lington

Music Education

Diana Hollinger

Music Theory

Dr. Pablo Furman


Divesh Karamchandani


Dr. Pablo Furman

Recording/Music Technology

Dr. Pablo Furman


Dr. Catalina Barraza


Jacque Wilson Scharlach

Jonathan Smucker


Michael Hernandez

General Requirements