Music Systems and Theory

Audio engineer adjusting musical equipment.

About the Program

The SJSU School of Music and Dance Music Theory Area serves all undergraduate music majors and minors, presenting students with the foundational music skills necessary for all musicians.

Lower-division music theory courses include both broad-based and in-depth study of the components and structure of music from many historical, cultural and geographical contexts. Topics include both written and aural skills, including analysis, dictation, and sight-singing. Upper-division music theory courses offer each student the opportunity to study specific aspects of music relevant to their major concentration and/or post-graduate work. Upper-division courses include Form and Analysis, Orchestration, Counterpoint, and Special Topics.

Graduates in the Masters of Music degree enroll in a seminar course, Graduate Music Theory, as part of their core course requirements.


Brian CiachBrian Ciach
Music Theory

Dr. Pablo FurmanDr. Pablo Furman
Associate Director; Composition Area Coordinator; Keyboard Area Coordinator
MUS 202

Tom LanganTom Langan
Jazz Studies, Music Theory, General Studies

Dr. Victoria LingtonDr. Victoria Lington
Collaborative Pianist; Music Theory, General Music
MUS 207