Emeritus Faculty

A Dept of Gratitude

A Dept of Gratitude

The School of Music and Dance wishes to honor its renowned emeritus faculty and musical geniuses who have greatly influenced the School's success, both as an institution of education and a source of community outreach.

Distinguished Individuals Who Have Passed

In Memoriam

Lou Harrison

Renowned American composer who served as composer-in-residence for SJSU during the 1960's.

Harry Partch

Bay area composer and instrument inventor largely known for his use of microtonal scales and handmade, unique instruments.

Irene Dalis

Opera singer and the founding director of SJSU Opera Theater and San Jose Opera.

Frank Sumares

Prominent Bay Area Jazz Instructor and Performer

William B. George

Professor of French Horn, Music History

John Delevoryas

Professor of Piano

Gus Lease

Vocalist, Choral Director, General Music Educator


Other Faculty Emeriti

Other Emeriti

Brent Heisinger


Robert Cowden


Joseph Frank

Professor of Voice, Metropolitan Opera Tenor

Janie Scott

Professor of Dance, Broadway Veteran

Dr. Charlene Archibeque

Director of Choral Activities, First Woman to Hold a Doctorate in Conducting

Janet VanSwoll

Associate Professor and Coordinator of Dance

Joan Stubbe

General Music, Music Skills

Brian Belet

Professor of Music Theory, Composition

Fred Mathews

Professor of Dance, Director of the Dance Program

Gary Masters

Professor of Dance, Director of UDT