Music Use Fee

Pay the Music Use Fee

A Music Use Fee of $30/semester is assessed on all students who use Music Building equipment and/or its facilities.  The fee is to be paid at the start of each semester.
Payment of this fee provides funds for the maintenance of equipment in specialized classrooms used by the class (example: MUSC10B in M266; MUSC 25A, B, or C in M266; MUSC1A in M210 or M211; and many other classes).  The Music Use Fee authorizes students to access and use instrumental practice rooms, specialty practice rooms, departmental musical instruments, selected portable electronic/acoustic equipment, certain specialty keyboards, and music lockers.

ONLINE payment is highly encouraged by using the link above but can also be made in person at the Bursar’s Office located at the Student Services Center.  A Music Use Fee card will be emailed to the student after payment is confirmed.