The Harrison-Colvig Collection

This listing was provided by Lou's archivist, Charles Hansen.

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Ballet Scores

Almanac of the Seasons (1950). Ms.

Changing World (1936). Ms.

Chorales For Spring (1951-52). Ms.

Green Mansions (1939) Ms.

In Praise of Johnny Appleseed (1942). HBP. For dancers with three percussionists.

Omnipotent Chair (1940). Ms.

Orpheus (1941-69). HBP. For solo voice, chorus, and percussion orchestra.

Praises for Hummingbirds and Hawks (1951). Ms.

Something to Please Everybody (1939). Ms.

The Marriage at the Eiffel Tower (1949). Peters.

Western Dance (1948). HBP. For piano or small ensemble.

Chamber Music

Arion's Leap (1974). HBP. 
For justly tuned instruments and percussion.

At the Tomb of Charles Ives (1964). Peer. 
For chamber ensemble.

Avalokiteshvara (1965). Salvi. 
For harp and jahlataranga (2 players).

Beverly's Troubadour Piece (1967). Salvi. 
For harp and percussion ostinato (2 players).

France, 1917 -- Spain, 1937 (1937). HBP. 
For string quartet and percussion.

Grand Duo (1988). HBP. 
For violin and piano.

Harp Solo (from music for Bill and Me) (1966-67).

Ms. In Memory of Victor Cowers (1968). HBP. 
For clarinet and piano.

Motet for the Day of Ascension (1946). TP. 
For 7 solo str.

Music for Violin and Various Instruments, European, (1967). Peer.

New Moon (ballet piece for Erick Hawkins) (1986). HBP. 
For chamber ensemble.

Old Times Tune for Merce Cunningham (1952-93). 
For string quartet and piano.

Pacifika Rondo (1963). Peer. 
For large chamber orchestra of Western and Oriental instruments.

Party Pieces (1945). Peters. 
Lou Harrison, John Cage, Virgil Thomson, Henry Cowell; 
arranged by Robert Hughes.

Praise for the Beauty of Hummingbirds (1951). Peer.

Prelude for Piri, with Harmonium (1962). HBP.

Quintal Taryung (1961). Ms. 
For two flutes, changgo.

Schoenbergiana (1945). Arranged by Robert Hughes. 
For woodwind sextet.

Serenade in C for Woodwinds (1954). HBP.

Seven Pastorales (1952). Peer. 
For 2- 1 -0- l , hp , str.

Siciliana (1945). HBP. Arranged by Robert Hughes. 
For woodwind quintet.

Solstice ( 1949). Peer. 
For fl, ob, tpt, cel, tack pf, 2 vcl, cb.

Songs in the Forest (1951-52). 
For violin, piano, flute, percussion.

String Quartet Set (1979). Peer.

Suite #1 (1947-48). Peer. 
For string orchestra.

Suite for Cello and Harp (1949).

The Clay's Quintet (1987). HBP. 
For trumpet French horn , mandolin, harp percussion.

Trio (1946). C. F. Peters 
For vln, via, vcl.

Trio (Piano Trio) (1990). HBP. 
For violin, cello, piano.

Varied Trio (1987, Aptos, Ca.) HBP/Frog Peak. 
Arranged by Julie Steinberg. 
For violin, piano, percussion.

Vestiunt Silve (1994). HBP. For soprano, flute, 2 viole, harp.

Choral Music

A Joyous Procession and a Solemn Procession (1962). Peters 
For high and low voices, tbn, and perc.

A Political Primer (1951). HBP. 
For soloists, chorus, orchestra.

Easter Cantata (1943-46). HBP. 
For solo voices, chorus, orchestra.

Four Strict Songs (Harrison) (1955-92) GS 
For 8 bar and orch, 2 tbn, pf, hp , perc, str.

Gregorian Mass (Mass to St. Cecelia) (1986). HBP. 
For male chorus.

Haiku (K. Davis) (1968). HBP. 
For unison chorus, shiao, harp, percussion.

Mass (to St. Anthony) (1939-54) Peer 
For SATB, trumpet, harp, strings.

Nova Odo (1962). HBP 
For chorus, orchestra, special instruments.

Peace Piece One (from the Metta Sutta) (1968). HBP. 
For unison chorus with tbn, 3 perc, 2 hp, reed organ, str qnt.

Three Songs ( 1985) Peer. 
For male chorus, piano, strings.


for Organ with Percussion Orchestra (1972-73). Peer.

Concerto for Piano with Javanese Gamelan (1987). HBP.

Concerto in Slendro for Violin (1961). Peters
. For cel, 2 tack pf, perc (triangle), ranch triangle, gongs, washtubs, garbage.

Piano Concerto (1985). Peters. 
For piano and orchestra.

Piano Concerto with Selected Orchestra (1985, Aptos, CA.). C.F. Peters.

Film Music

Beyond the Far Blue Mountains (1981-82). Ms. 
Film by Molly Davies.

Devotions (1983). 
Film by James Broughton.

Discovering Korean Art (1979). Ms.

Nuptiae (1973). Ms.

The Scattered Remains of James Broughton (1987). Ms.



La Koro Sutro (1971). Peer. 
For mixed chorus and added percussion instruments.

Suite for Solo Violin and American Gamelan (1972-73). Peer. 
Composed with Richard Dee 
For solo violin, and string orchestra.


Gong Kebvar. For Jafran Jones.


Lagu Elang Yusef (1984). HBP. 

Lagu Lagu Thomasan (1983). HBP.

Lagu Victoria (1983). HBP.


Book Music (1994). HBP.

Bubaran Robert (1981). 
(poetry reading by Lou Harrison)

Concerto for Piano and Javanese Gamelan (1987). HBP.

Cornish Lancaran. HBP. 
For gamelan , solo voc, alto saxophone.

Double Concerto (1981-82). Peters. 
For gamelan with violin and cello.

For the Pleasure of Ovid's Changes (1983) HBP

Four Coyote Stories (1987). HBP. 
For baritone with Javanese gamelan.

Gending Alexander (1981). HBP.

Gending Claude (1982). HBP.

Gending Demeter (1981-83). HBP.

Gending Dennis (1982). HBP.

Gending Hephaestus (1981). HBP.

Gending Hermes (1981). HBP.

Gending in Honor of Aphrodite (1986). HBP. 
For gamelan, vocal, harp.

Gending in Honor of the Poet Virgil (1982). HBP.

Gending James and Joel (1983). HBP.

Gending Jody. HBP.

Gending Moon (1994). HBP. 
With male vocal.

Gending Pak Chokro (1976). HBP.

Gending Palladio (1982-83). HBP.

Gending Paul (1977). HBP.

Gending Pindar (1982). HBP.

Gending Sinan (1983). HBP.

Gending Vincent (1986). HBP.

Gending William Colvig (1984). HBP.

Homage to Max Beckmann (1992).

Homage to Pacifica (1991). HBP. 
For mixed chorus, solo harp, solo bassoon, solo Ptolemy Duple, narrator, verse.

Ketawang Wellington (1983). HBP.

Ladrang Epikuros (1981). HBP.

Ladrang Pak Daliyo (1984). HBP.

Ladrang Sarnvel (1981).

Lagu Sociseknum (1976). HBP.

Lancaran Daniel (1976). HBP.

Lancaran Molly (1982). HBP.

Lancaran Samuel (1981).

Music for the Turning of a Sculpture (1977). HBP.

Philemon and Baukis ( 1987). HBP. 
For violin with gamelan.

Scenes from Cavafy (1979-80). HBP. 
For large gamelan with baritone, small male chorus.


Soedjetmoko Set (1990). HBP. 
For gamelan with female vocalist and mixed chorus.

The Foreman's Song Tune (1983). HBP. 
For gamelan with chorus.

Sundanese Degung

Lagu Pa Undang (1987). HBP.

Main Bersama Sama (1978). HBP. 
For gamelan with French horn.

Threnody for Carlos Chavez (1978). HBP. 
For gamelan with viola.

Incidental Music

Choephore (1937). Ms.

Cinna (1957). Ms.

Electra (1938). Ms.

Faust (Goethe) (1987). HBP. 
For soloists, chorus, orchestra, solo harps, gamelan.

Peter Pan (1934). Ms.

The Beautiful People (1941). Ms.

The Only Jealousy of Emer (1949). HBP.

The Trojan Women (1938). Ms.

The Winter's Tale (1938). ML

Korean Court Orchestra

Moogunkwha Se Tang Ak (1961) Ms.


Air for the Poet (1988). Ms.

Alleluia (1944). TP. For 2 (pic)-2-1-bol-0, 2-0-0-0, hp, str.

Canticle #6 (1942). Lou Harrison.

Christmas Music (1960) Ms. 
Lou Harrison - Chas. Ives; arranged by Lou Harrison 
Orchestra and chorus.

Elegiac Symphony (1941-75). Peer.

Labyrinth (1940). MFP. For 11 players and 91 instruments.

Simfony in Free Style (1955). Peters 
Arr. David Doty for computer synthesis 
For fl, viols, bells, tack pf, hps, drs, maracas, tbn.

Suite #2 (1947-48). MM. 
For str orch or str qtt.

Suite for Symphonic Strings (1936-60). Peters 
For string orchestra.

Suite for Violin, Piano, and Small Orchestra (1951). Peters. 
For 2-1-0-0-, hp, cel, tack pf, tam-tam, 2 vcl, bass.

Symphony #4 (1990). Peer. 
For orchestra with baritone.

Symphony on G (1948-61). Peer. 
For 2-3-3-0, 2-2-2-0, 2 hp , pf, tack pf, str.

Third Symphony (1937-82). Peters.

Orchestrations and Transcriptions

Christmas Music. Ms. 
Charles Ives and Lou Harrison.

Ives Psalm 100. Ms. 
Composed by Charles Ives. 
For SATB with boy's chorus, organ, bells.

Spring in Loyang (Nak Ban Chun). 
Transcribed for chorus with Western orchestration.

Suite for Toy Piano. 
Composed by John Cage. 
For standard symphony orchestra.

Suite: Music for Cheng. 
Composed by Richard Dee. 
For standard symphony orchestra.


Bomba (1939 S.F.). 
1st. player: maracas; flower pots 2nd. player: metal rattles; large bells 3rd.

Canticle #l (1940). MFP. 
I: tambourine, 3 wood blocks, 3 high bells II: gourd rattle 3 dragon's mouths.

Canticle #3 (1941). MFP. 
For fl/ocarina, 6 muted iron pipes, 3 wood blocks, 5 muted brake drums.

Concerto #I for Flute and Percussion (1939). Peters. 
For flute and percussion ostinati.

Counterdance In Spring (from "Tributes to Charon") (1936-83). HBP, MFP.

Double Music (with John Cage) (1941). Peters. 
Lou Harrison and John Cage. 
For percussion quartet: water buffalo bells, muted brake drums, sistrum, sleigh.

Fugue for Percussion (1941). MFP. 
I: flexatone (or saw), claves, maracas II: metalaphone (7 tones), box, 5 cowbells.

In Praise of Johnny Appleseed (1942). HBP. 
For three players: pipe claves, pipe lengths, wood claves, primitive.

Koncherto por la violono kon perkuta orkestro (1959). Peters. 
I: suspended (or muted) pipe-lengths, or flower pots II: suspended (or muted).

Majestic Fanfare (1963). HBP. 
For trumpets with percussion.

Song of Quetzecoatl (1940). MFP. 
I: 5 glasses (or bells), 5 wood blocks, 5 dragon's mouths, sistrums (or maracas).

Solo Instrumental

Air in G minor (1947). HBP. 
For flute or violin with drone.

Jahla (1972). 
For harp with percussion ostinato.

Pedal Sonata for Organ (1987-89). HBP.

Praises for Michael the Archangel (1946). Ms. 
For organ.

Prelude and Sarabande for Piano (1937). TP.

Serenade for Guitar (with arrangement for Harp) (1952). Ms. 
For guitar or harp 
A.K.A. Serenade for Frank Wigglesworth.

Serenade for Guitar with Optional Percussion (1978). Peer.

Serenade for Three Recorders (1943).

Six Sonatas for Cembalo or Piano (1934-35). Peer.

Sonata in Ishartum. 
For small harps.

Sonata por Psaltero (1961-69). HBP. 
For psaltery.

The Garden at One and a Quarter Moons (1961-69). HBP. 
For psaltery.

Third Sonata for Piano (1938).

Peer Suite for Four Haisho and Two Percussionists (1992). HBP. 
I: 5 glasses (or bells), 5 wood blocks, 5 dragon's mouths, sistrums (or maracas).