Library Resources

Martin Luther King Jr. Library

Among the many privileges given to you as a student of SJSU, you are also granted special access to the resources at the Martin Luther King Jr. Library, located on the northwest corner of campus. Here is a link to the main MLK Library resource page.  

Our Music Librarian is Mr. Paul Kaupilla.

Below is a list of links that music majors might find especially useful.

Library Guide to Music

Find some useful PDF handouts about available online resources as well as video tutorials on using article databases and the library catalog.

Online Resources for Music Articles and Books

This page gives you a list of links to online databases that include articles, periodicals, and dissertations relating to music.

Score Collections

This page gives you access to digital scores from Harvard University and the International Music Score Library Project (IMSLP), which hosts over 15,000 works.

Oxford Music Online

You can access information from Oxford University's wide selection of online resources, including music timelines, history overviews, and the Oxford Dictionary of Music.

Music Recordings and Videos

These databases host classical, jazz, and contemporary audio for free streaming. A few selections can also be downloaded for free or for a small fee.

Music Resources

Find links to music collections from Yale University, UC Berkeley, and Stanford University.

Music Organizations

This page holds a list of links to a number of noteworthy music organizations, including the American Federation of Jazz Studies, the Music Library Association, and the Society for Music Theory.