The SJSU Drumline is a battery unit of snare drums, bass drums, tenor drums, and cymbals that performs with the marching band throughout the Fall semester.

Spartan Hype will literally live up to its name: an organization that hypes up SJSU audiences.  We will learn warm-ups, grooves, and a show sequence to provide yet another way to support SJSU athletics (as well as outside organizations like the Bay Area Panthers, and San Jose Earthquakes), while still teaching it’s members fundamentals and techniques to be successful - for the current season, and the future. 
Interested in being part of Spartan Hype? Check out our INTEREST FORM.

Membership will consist of battery percussion instruments for the Spring 2023 season (snares, tenors, bass drums, cymbals).

Exact Rehearsal/Performance Schedule pending, but will be two-days a week plus performances, mid-January to mid-April.

Drumline members are chosen by audition.

Percussion Caption Head: Lane Sanders

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