Recital Packet and Process

For Current Music Students Planning Recitals


We are currently reworking the recital packet process. Please stand by for a new DocuSign link.

Room Reservation

Reserve the room you want at the date and time of your recital through google calendar. Log into your SJSU google account and add an event at your desired date and time. Then, select a room in the calendar event and that will add it to our calendars – Music 176 is the concert hall, or another room if you prefer. You won’t be able to choose a room that is unavailable at the time of your event.

Concert Managers

We staff each recital with two concert managers. If you need a piano, microphone, or any other equipment please email with those details. Please include a stage plot if you'd like help setting up the stage or with set changes.


Students are now responsible for making their own recital programs. Note that it is a recital requirement to have certain language on your recital program, please follow this program template or make sure you include the required language at the bottom of the packet if you make your own.

Piano Tuning

If you are using a piano for your recital, please reach out to our staff piano technician, Ernie Martinez (, at least 3 weeks before your rectial. Let him know the date and time of your rectial and what piano you want to use and he will make sure it's in tune.


Please contact Lauren or (408)924-7361 if you have any questions.