Honors Wind Ensemble

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We are once again hosting the SJSU Honors Wind Ensemble for high school students in the FALL of 2024!  

(Previously, the Honors Wind Ensemble event occurred in the Spring)

The Honors Wind Ensemble is created through director/studio teacher recommendations. After reviewing nominations, the selected students will come for a full rehearsal day, which includes ensemble seating auditions, followed by a dress rehearsal and concert two weeks later. (see dates below)

The Honors Wind Ensemble will include at least one musician from each school/studio that fills out a nomination form as long as they nominate AT LEAST 3 students. Directors/studio teachers are encouraged to nominate as many students as they want, as long as they feel confident that students can rehearse and perform at a high level. 


  • Sunday, September 29 - Seating Auditions, Rehearsals and Masterclasses
    • 7:30am-4:30pm Lunch included
  • Sunday, October 6 - Dress Rehearsal and Concert
    • 11:30am-8:00pm - Dinner included
    • Concert at 7:00pm

*All participating Honors Wind Ensemble members must attend both days of the event.*


Selected students will pay a $75 fee, which includes the two days of rehearsals and workshops as well as:

  • Meet and work with SJSU artist faculty, including Director of Bands, David Vickerman
  • Talk with current SJSU students to ask about life as a music major and how to prepare for college and auditions.
  • Commemorative T-Shirt.

Nomination Deadline

  • September 1, 2024 by midnight

How to Nominate Students

1. Verify that the students you want to nominate can commit to both days before nominating them.
2. Nomination form - Click here to nominate students

    • This form is only to be filled out by band directors or studio teachers, not by students.
    • Currently, there is no restriction on the number of students you may nominate.
    • Just FYI: You will need the following information for the nominations: 
        • Student Email and Contact Phone Number (mobile/cell preferred)   PLEASE double/triple check the emails for the students. This will be our primary method of communication and we want to make sure they don't miss anything!
        • Parent/Guardian Email
        • Student Interest: Here is an optional form you can print to gather information about your students' interest. It is not required to have this info, but is helpful in our decision-making process.
    • Don't forget to CLICK SUBMIT at the end!!

If you have any questions about the application, please email SJSU Bands Graduate Student, TBD - We look forward to hosting your students here at SJSU!