Scholarship Award Recipients

Congratulations to our Fall 2021 Award Winners!

Fall 2021


Open to undergraduate students:  

  • The Catherine Urban Scholarship

    • For Junior and Senior English majors displaying academic promise in writing. Applicants must be at least half-time students with a minimum GPA of 3.0 overall and in English, and demonstrated financial need.
    • Danny Jurado and Jeff Lin tied for First place!


  • The Dr. Josephine Chandler Scholarship

    • For a student who demonstrates clear academic excellence and a commitment to the study of Humanities. Must have a minimum 3.5 GPA and majoring in one of the following: English, Foreign Languages, Humanities, Philosophy or LLD.
    • 1st Place: Adam Smith
    • 2nd Place: Jose Lucatero-Cuevas
    • 3rd Place: Peter Le
    • 4th Place: Muhammad Rashid


Open to graduate and undergraduate students:  

  • James O. Wood Fund for Shakespeare Studies

    • Scholarship for the best essay, reading, scene representation, musical presentation, costume, painting, sculpture, or other appropriate project related to any of Shakespeare’s dramatic works.
    • 1st Place: Sung Yu
    • 2nd Place: Kyra Kennedy
    • 3rd Place/Honorable Mention: Joshua Aplaon
    • 4th Place/Honorable Mention: Victoria Thorp


  • The W.O. Crockett Scholarship

    • For full time graduate or undergraduate student(s) with a minimum of 12 completed units, a minimum 3.0 GPA, and financial need. Candidate should have demonstrated commitment to African-American culture and Literature.
    • 1st Place: Leah Tyis
    • 2nd Place: Miriam (Mimi) Coulthurst


  • The Roberta Holloway Scholarship

    • For an English major with Junior, Senior or Graduate student status, demonstrating outstanding scholastic achievement.
    • 1st Place: Matthew DeLateur
    • 2nd Place: Alexis Cutchin
    • 3rd Place: Julie Vazquez


  • The Ruth MacLean McGee Scholarship Fund

    • For an English major undergraduate/graduate student with a minimum of 12 completed units or an undergraduate student English major with a minimum of 24 completed units. Must have with a minimum 3.0 GPA and is awarded for outstanding achievement in non-fiction.
    • 1st Place: Erykah Ooi
    • 2nd Place: Andrew McClure
    • 3rd Place: Sam King


Open to graduate students: 

  • Harvey Birenbaum Prize

    • For students enrolled in courses in the MA program showing excellence in the graduate study of Literature.
    • Winner: Aaron Langerman


  • Owen Milton Broyles Scholarship

    • For outstanding achievement by a graduate student.
    • Winner: Amna Yusuf


  • The Rico-Ressman Scholarship

    • For a full time MFA student showing excellence.
    • Winner: Mario Chris

Spring 2021

Dorothy Wright Children’s Literature Award

Olivia Colombo

Catherine Urban Scholarship

  • Marc Santos
  • Jazmin Chillin
  • Coco Basha

Bonita M. Cox Award for Classical and Medieval Studies

Emily Greulich

Schelby A. Sweeny Beowulf Award

Marc Santos

Ruth MacLean McGee Scholarship

Jennifer French

Robert H. Woodward Memorial Scholarship

Jeff Lin

W. O. Crockett Scholarship

Melikah Hayes

Dr. Josephine Chandler Scholarship

Paola Campos

Kichung Kim Endowed Scholarship

  • Leah Tyus
  • Timothy Cech
  • Emily Greulich
  • Elaina Davey
  • Oliver Cervantes

James O. Wood Scholarship for Shakespeare Studies

  • Ana Hahns Isabel
  • Han Le

Roberta Holloway Scholarship

Coco Basha

Dr. Jack E. and Maxine Hunt Fink Scholarship Endowment for English Majors

  • Leah Tyus
  • Jacqueline Mendoza
  • Eduardo Jimenez

Abraham and Eleanor H. Bezanker Scholarship Endowment

  • Casey Wickstrom
  • Jessilyn Shanek
  • Benjamin Soriano

Owen Milton Broyles Scholarship

AJ MacKillop

Harvey Birenbaum Prize

Allie Maier

Dorrit A. Sibley Scholarship

  • Mycah Miller
  • Ume Ali

Lois King Thore Scholarship

Ayda Tewolde

Marjorie McLaughlin Folendorf Award

  • Jessica Irish
  • Danielle Jurado

Anne Lillis Memorial Scholarship

Karthryn Ross

Rico-Ressman Endowment for Creative Writing

Ume Ali

Academy of American Poets Virginia de Araujo Prize

Phuong Pham

James Phelan Awards

Phelan Personal Essay

Teresa Flores

Phelan Short Story

Lorna Heynike

Phelan Poetry

Mycah Miller

Fall 2020

The Catherine Urban Scholarship

  • Coco Basha
  • Jazmin Chilin
  • Marc Santos

The Dorothy Wright Children’s Literature Award

  • Olivia Colombo

The Dr. Josephine Chandler Scholarship

  • Paola Campos

The W.O. Crockett Scholarship

  • Melikah Hayes

The Roberta Holloway Scholarship

  • Coco Basha

The Ruth MacLean McGee Scholarship Fund

  • Jennifer French

Harvey Birenbaum Prize

  • Allie Maier

Owen Milton Broyles Scholarship

  • AJ MacKillop

The Rico-Ressman Scholarship

  • Ume Ali

The James O. Wood Shakespeare Award

  • Ana Hahs Isabel
  • Han Le