ENGL 2 Critical Thinking and Writing

In English 2 you will explore the relationship between language and logic in composing arguments. With such course themes as Digital Literacies, Gaming, Pop Culture, Sports, Gender, and Sustainability, our goal is to challenge you academically and creatively. Through a series of integrated reading, writing, and oral assignments, you will engage complex issues that require critical thinking and argumentation. Building on English 1A, you will extend your study of stylistic and grammatical conventions in formal writing.  

Upon successful completion of the course, you will be able to: 

  1. locate and evaluate sources, through library research, and integrate research through appropriate citation and quotation;
  2. present effective arguments that use a full range of legitimate rhetorical and logical strategies to articulate and explain their positions on complex issues in dialogue with other points of view; 
  3. locate, interpret, evaluate, and synthesize evidence in a comprehensive way in support of your ideas; 
  4. identify and critically evaluate the assumptions in and the context of an argument;
  5. distinguish and convey inductive and deductive patterns as appropriate, sequencing arguments and evidence logically to draw valid conclusions and articulate related outcomes (implications and consequences).

ENGL 2 is open to all students needing to fulfill GE Area A3. It is required for business majors.  Students who have successfully completed ENGL 1B or who are majoring in Biochemistry, Marine Biology, Geology or Engineering programs (excluding Aviation and Technology) may not enroll in ENGL 2. To determine your eligibility, please refer to What to Take After English 1A and the major exceptions chart. 

Prerequisites: ENGL 1A, 1A-F/S (with a grade of C- or better)

Satisfies GE Area A3: Critical Thinking and Writing