Important Dates for M.A. Students


April 1 Deadline for applications for 2020-2021 GAships due to the Graduate Coordinator.
April 1 Candidacy forms due to GAPE for December
2020 graduates.
April 15 Thesis proposals for Fall 2020 credit due to
the graduate committee.
April 24 Thesis due to Graduate Studies for May 2020
May 15 Last day to sign-up for the Fall 2020 MA-Part
2 and MFA Exams.
June 8 Last day for May 2020 graduates to submit
approved MA and MFA theses for electronic
publication. (Remember to select the “embargo” option.)
July 1 Deadline for August 20 graduates to submit
approved theses to Graduate Studies.
Aug. 19 Fall semester begins
Sept. 25 MA-Part 2 and MFA Comprehensive Exam
distributed (9 AM).
Sept. 28 MA-Part 2 and MFA Comprehensive Exam
due (5 PM).
Oct. 1 Deadline for May 2022 graduates to file
Departmental Request for Candidacy form.