Important Dates for MFA Students

Spring 2024 (Dates subject to change)

January 29

Publication deadline (for December 2023 graduates) for submitting University Theses to ProQuest and SJSU ScholarWorks. Or for submitting Departmental Theses for binding.

February 1

Deadline for May 2024 graduates to submit graduation application to Graduate Studies Office. OR request change in graduation date.

February 15

Deadline (suggested) for May 2024 graduates to submit MFA Thesis draft to Thesis Director; MFA applications due to CSU Apply.

February 26

Deadline for applications for 2024-25 TAships due to Prof. Ryan Skinnell.

March 8

MFA Comprehensive Exam distributed by email (9:00am).

March 11

MFA Comprehensive Exam due (5:00pm)

March 14

MFA theses (May & Aug graduates) due to faculty committee readers.

April 1

Deadline for December 2024 graduates to file their “Request for Candidacy” forms (requires MA or MFA advisor’s signature); Deadline for applications for 2024-2025 GAship due to the Graduate Coordinator.

Deadline to submit MFA Thesis Proposals to the
Graduate Committee for review and approval to take 299/299D units in Fall.

April 8

Submission deadline for Creative Writing Awards and Scholarships

April 22

Deadline for May 2024 graduates to submit signed theses to the Graduate Studies Office (299) or to the English Department for Departmental Thesis (299D).

May 11

New admitted MFA student orientation.

May 11

MFA thesis reading (Fall ‘23, May ‘24, & Aug ‘24 graduates).


Center for Literary Arts Reading Series for 2024 (Dates subject to change)

February 15

Craft Lecture Series: Percival Everett // Steinbeck Center // 12PM

February 15

CLA Presents: Percival Everett // Hammer Theatre // 7PM

April 18

CLA Craft Lecture Series: Leila Mottley // Steinbeck Center // 12PM

April 18

CLA Presents: Leila Mottley // Hammer Theatre // 7PM

May 9

CLA Presents: Kate Folk // MLK 225 // 12PM