Important Dates for MFA Students

Fall 2023 (Dates subject to change)

September 1

Deadline for December 2023 graduates to change a graduation date to another term.

September 1

Deadline for students meeting graduation eligibility to apply for Fall 2023 graduation (via My SJSU).

September 15

Deadline (suggested) for December 2023 graduates to submit MFA Thesis draft to Thesis Director.

September 18

Final deadline to Sign Up for Fall MFA Exam.

October 2

Deadline for May 2023 graduates to file Departmental Request for Candidacy form.

October 2

Deadline for December 2023 graduates to submit MFA Thesis to all Thesis Committee members for review.

October 13

MFA Comprehensive Exam distributed (9 AM).

October 16

MFA Comprehensive Exam due (5 PM).

Correction: November 1

Deadline to submit signed thesis proposals for Spring 2024 credits to Grad Committee.

November 13

Deadline for December 2023 graduates to submit Thesis Committee approved thesis for approval by Graduate Studies College or the English Department (for 299D Departmental Theses).

January 29, 2024

Publication deadline for submitting University Theses to ProQuest and Scholar Works. And for submitting Departmental Theses for binding. 

February 1, 2024

Deadline for May 2024 graduates to file or change graduation date applications with GAPE.


Center for Literary Arts Reading Series for 2023/2024 (Dates subject to change)

September 7

Craft Lecture Series: Hua Hsu // Steinbeck Center // 4PM

September 7

CLA Presents: Hua Hsu // Hammer Theatre // 7PM

October 26

Craft Lecture Series: K-Ming Chang // Steinbeck Center // 12PM

October 26

CLA Presents: K-Ming Chang // Hammer Theatre // 7PM

November 16

CLA Presents: Colin Winnette // MLK 225 // 12PM

February 15

Craft Lecture Series: Percival Everett // Steinbeck Center // 12PM

February 15

CLA Presents: Percival Everett // Hammer Theatre // 7PM

April 18

CLA Craft Lecture Series: Leila Mottley // Steinbeck Center // 12PM

April 18

CLA Presents: Leila Mottley // Hammer Theatre // 7PM

May 9

CLA Presents: Kate Folk // MLK 225 // 12PM