ENGL 1A and Stretch English

English 1A and Stretch English prepare you to join scholarly conversations across the university.  You will explore how reading and writing support the kinds of inquiry that you will engage to tackle any writing task—whatever the subject and whatever the discipline.

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to: 

  1. demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the content, context, effectiveness, and forms of written communication;
  2. perform essential steps in the writing process (prewriting, organizing, composing, revising, and editing);
  3. articulate an awareness of and write according to the rhetorical features of texts, such as purpose, audience, context, and rhetorical appeals;
  4. integrate their ideas and those of others by synthesizing, explaining, analyzing, developing, and criticizing ideas effectively in several genres; and
  5. demonstrate college-level language use, clarity, and grammatical abilities in writing.

Prerequisites: Reflection on College Writing

Satisfies GE Area A2: Written Communication I (with a grade of C- or better)



English 1A

A one-semester, 3-unit course.

Stretch English

a yearlong course, offered in two 3-unit courses.

  • One course in fall: English 1AF.
  • One course in spring: English 1AS.
Course Catalog ID ENGL 1A ENGL 1AF ENGL 1AS
Meets Area A2 for GE graduation credit Yes No Yes
College credits earned 3 units 3 units 3 units
Graded A-F CR/NC A-F
Open to all entering freshmen Yes Yes No
Pre-Requisite Reflection on College Writing Reflection on College Writing Credit in ENGL 1AF
Offered Fall and Spring? Yes Only in fall Only in spring