Graduate Program General Course Descriptions

Registration in the following courses requires admission to Classified standing in the English M.A. program or consent of the instructor. Graduate seminars offer intensive study of selected authors, works, and topics. Emphasis in a given seminar may vary from term to term. Detailed descriptions of each term's offerings are available here.

ENGL 201  Materials and Methods of Literary Research 

ENGL 202  Poetic Craft and Theory

ENGL 203  Narrative Craft and Theory

ENGL 204  Seminar in Modern Approaches to Literature

ENGL 208  Seminar in Comparative Literature

ENGL 211  Seminar in Twentieth-Century Poetry

ENGL 215  Seminar in Myth and Symbolism

ENGL 216  Seminar in Medieval English Literature

ENGL 224  Studies in English Early Modern Literature

ENGL 225  Seminar in Shakespeare

ENGL 228  Seminar in Genre Studies

ENGL 230  Seminar in Eighteenth-Century British Literature

ENGL 232  Seminar in Romanticism

ENGL 233  Seminar in the Victorian Period

ENGL 240  Poetry Writing Workshop

ENGL 241  Fiction Writing Workshop

ENGL 242  Nonfiction Writing Workshop

ENGL 253  Seminar in Period Studies of American Literature

ENGL 254  Seminar in Genre Studies of American Literature

ENGL 255  Seminar in Thematic Studies in American Literature

ENGL 256  Seminar in Twentieth-Century British Literature

ENGL 257  Seminar in the History of Rhetoric

ENGL 259  Seminar in Composition Studies

ENGL 291  Literary Practicum

ENGL 297  Comprehensive Exam Preparation

ENGL 298  Special Study

ENGL 299  Master's Thesis or Project