Minor in Creative Writing

Below are the core requirements to achieve a minor in Creative Writing. To see descriptions of these courses, check the general course descriptions

Check with the Creative Writing Major Advisor at least once each semester to track your progress.

To be awarded a minor, at least 12 units of coursework must be completely distinct and separate from the coursework in the major (University Policy S16-4).

Be sure to apply for the Creative Writing Awards and Scholarships available each Spring. Join the English Department Google group for announcements (email English Department for details).

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Minor in Creative Writing 

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Course Requirements: 18-19 Units

Lower Division: (3 Units)

Upper Division: (12 Units)

Literature Courses: (Complete one of the following courses, 3-4 Units)

  • ENGL 50 Beginnings to the "American" Experiment
  • ENGL 60 The Emergence of "British" and "American" Literatures (1680-1860)
  • ENGL 70 Emerging Modernisms and Beyond
  • ENGL 149 The Romantic Period
  • ENGL 150 The Victorian Age
  • ENGL 151 Twentieth Century Poetry
  • ENGL 153B Nineteenth Century British Novel
  • ENGL 161 American Literature to 1830
  • ENGL 162 American Literature: 1830-1865
  • ENGL 163 American Literature: 1865-1910
  • ENGL 164 American Literature: 1910-1945
  • ENGL 165 Topics in Ethnic American Literature
  • ENGL 166 American Literature since 1945
  • ENGL 167 Steinbeck
  • ENGL 168 The American Novel
  • ENGL 169 Ethnicity in American Literature
  • ENGL 176 The Short Story
  • ENGL 177 Twentieth Century Fiction