Model UN

Model UN

The first session of the Model United Nations of the Far West was held at Stanford University on April 26-28, 1951. Its first keynote speaker was Dr. Ralph Bunche, the President of the United Nations General Assembly. Three hundred fifty students from three western states gathered to debate issues in the General Assembly and a few of its committees. From this small beginning, the organization has grown continuously. MUNFW is well known for its autonomy, the high quality of its delegates' participation and the authenticity of its sessions. SJSU began taking part in the program in 1993 through the Model United Nations course (POLS 152B).

The Model United Nations course offers students a unique opportunity to  engage in internation diplomacy, negotiations, and decision-making processes while role-playing United Nations delegates. During the semester, students prepare for the Model United Nations of the Far West conference by researching the United Nations, their assigned country, agenda items, and committee procedures, and by practicing negotiating and caususing. They then participate in the Model United Nations of the Far West Conference where they address a range of issues such as global security, the environment, global health, human rights, development, and similar.

Details of this year's conference can be found here.

Diplomacy awards won by SJSU students at the MUNFW conference:
Argentina, Libya, Poland, Syria, Turkey, 2023
Argentina, Germany, & Russia, 2019
Bosnia & Herzegovina, 2018
China & Venezuela, 2017
Bolivia, Germany, Turkey & Ukraine, 2016
Argentina, Italy & Switzerland, 2015

Dr. Danijela Dudley

Danijela Dudley
Model UN Faculty Advisor