Online Video Feedback for Teaching Skills

It turns out getting feedback from others—especially others with a lot of expertise—can really accelerate your progress when you’re trying to learn something new or improve your skills.

What is GoReact?

GoReact is an app to give feedback on student videos.
It makes life easier for educators and improves student outcomes.

How does GoReact work?

1. Capture Videos

Students upload, record, or stream videos. 

2. Give Feedback

Instructors give rich, time-coded feedback on student videos. 

3. See Improvement

Students see feedback on their performance and gain skills faster.  

Who uses GoReact?

GoReact is multi-disciplinary.  GoReact is used for language training, communications courses, teacher preparation, nursing education, clinical psychology, business and sales, performing arts, and any discipline that requires students to demonstrate learning. It improves skills all over campus.

CSU Implementation and Training

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