Former Student

Former Students Returning (FSR) to SJSU

Former students who have not attended SJSU as a regular student for the past two consecutive semesters, and who have not been granted a leave of absence, must reapply for admission, complete the supplemental application, attend orientation, and meet all deadlines, conditions, and admission requirements currently in effect. Open University attendance does not qualify as regular enrollment.

Note: Former students returning that meet the upper division transfer requirements may gain admission priority by completing and obtaining departmental approval for the Petition for Re-Admission as a Former Student Returning (FSR). For information regarding eligibility and completion instructions, download the Petition for Re-Admission as a former Student Returning (FSR) PDF. 

If you are returning following disqualification, you must first seek reinstatement (download the Reinstatement form at and complete the reinstatement process prior to submitting the Petition for Re-admission. For information on reinstatement, visit: