Course Scheduling

Regular Session Scheduling

Building the Schedule

Information about how the department schedulers can build their schedules

Semester Memos

Important information regarding the upcoming semester to create the schedule of classes for academic departments

Production Calendar

Important dates for colleges and departments to use during upcoming scheduling build process including details about the scheduling build process

Instruction Modes

Information on instruction modes and descriptions

Scheduling Components

Description of scheduling for single and multiple component courses

Class Notes

Current list of active class notes, includes class note number and class note description

Global Notes

Information about global notes and their use in the schedule of classes

Cross-Listed Courses

Information on how crosslisted courses are scheduled

Large Lecture Rooms

Information regarding the scheduling of large university lecture rooms during the building of the schedule of classes

Course Scheduling Forms

Includes description of each form and the information needed for each form.  Includes a link to access the individual forms in OnBase

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Questions and answers page regarding schedule of classes regular session scheduling