Production Calendar

The production calendar is provided to schedulers to keep abreast of important dates and deadlines. The calendar is developed before the start of each semester and will be posted on the Academic Scheduling website. All of the rounds will be listed on the calendar along with deadline dates and descriptions of what is expected within each of the rounds. This is a shared calendar with department tasks put in boldface text and Academic Scheduling tasks are italicized.  Departments need to check with their college coordinator for specific college deadlines.

The scheduling cycle consists of 3 rounds:

Round 1 – The Start of the Academic Scheduling cycle. During this round, department schedulers should begin their class inputting or editing in PeopleSoft.

The previous year’s like semester is rolled (copied) for departments to use as a “jumping off point.” (For example:  Fall 2020 will roll to create Fall 2021.) All cross-listed classes including the "home" sections were deleted from PeopleSoft. 

Classroom allocations will be provided by the college dean’s office and schedulers must only utilize rooms that are allocated to their departments.  All special requests including EARC accommodations and back-to-back classes should be considered and scheduled during this round.

Prior to the end of Round 1, department schedulers are also required to review and submit their global note changes.  A response from the department is required, refer to Global Notes Information page for full details.

Round 1.5 – Schedule Proofing and Completion. During this round,  Academic Scheduling will provide reports identifying classes that will need corrections. (Examples:  classes with missing components, missing rooms or missing meeting patterns, classes scheduled incorrectly during prime-time or scheduled outside of their allocation, etc.)

These reports will be provided to college coordinators for dissemination to the affected departments. Department schedulers must correct all classes appearing on these reports during this period or they will be deleted from the schedule before Round 2.

Round 2 – Academic Scheduling Processing Only. During this round, all University Lecture Rooms revert back to Academic Scheduling. Most of the schedule should have been input by the end of Round 1.5. 

All adds, cancels, and changes must be given to Academic Scheduling for processing after Round 1.5 through OnBase. Schedulers should check with their college representative for processing procedures.

Also, during this round, the process of cross-listing is run and a final set of reports are generated and given to the college representatives for dissemination to departments.  

This is the last opportunity that Academic Scheduling will be able to correct any class information before the schedule “goes live” for students to view for the coming semester.

After this round, departments will continue to submit Add, Cancel and Change forms in OnBase to Academic Scheduling for changes to the schedule.

To ensure the accuracy of the class information for students and faculty, Academic Scheduling will not allow scheduled classes to move rooms 7 days before the start of classes. Departments may begin requesting room changes on the 8th day after the start of classes.  This time frames is referred to as the "black-out period". 

All other adds, cancels and changes will be accepted at any time through OnBase.

Fall 2023 Production Calendar [pdf]

Spring 2024 Production Calendar [pdf]