Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Science


The Bachelor of Science program in Nutritional Science integrates the principles of chemical, biological, and social sciences. The Bachelor of Science program prepares graduates for careers as nutritionists, packaging professionals, dietitians, and foodservice professionals in educational institutions, acute (hospital) and long term care facilities, nutrition and food research laboratories, business and industries, and community and government agencies.

Example Careers of Alumni

  • Food service managers in various settings: school districts, business corporations, universities, health care facilities, etc.
  • Health/Nutrition educators in various settings: schools, community-based centers, government agencies, etc.
  • Clinical dietitians in various settings: hospitals, clinics, home-care agencies, long-term care facilities, dialysis centers, etc.
  • Food scientists
  • Sales representatives for nutrition/food companies

Concentrations within the Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Science

  1. Applied Nutrition and Food Sciences
  2. Dietetics
  3. Food Management

Impaction Criteria for Change of Major Applications 

The term "impaction" is used to refer to the circumstance in which the number of students applying to a campus or department exceeds the available spaces and an enrollment limit is in effect. Various selection criteria are then employed when processing students for admission. There is an enrollment limit in effect for the Nutritional Science majors and minors. For current selection criteria and instructions, visit Change of Major.

Prerequisite Tests for Undergraduates

There are a series of prerequisite tests, depending on the enrollment status, that students are required to take before entering specific classes. A current issue of SJSU Schedule of Classes provides test dates and more information about the below tests.

For more information, go to the SJSU Testing Office website.