Fall 2016

The CoSS Dean’s Symposium for Fall 2016 was held on Wednesday, October 26, 2016. Four CoSS faculty—Professor Jason Douglas, Professor Dayana Salazar, Professor Joshua Troncoso, and Professor Ruth Wilson—presented their research under the overarching theme “Mitigating Inequities Faced by Minority Communities: Challenges, Opportunities, and Solutions”.

By studying a wide range of marginalized, minority and often low-income communities, presentations in this symposium identify the inequalities faced by such communities, suggest opportunities to address the inequities, and research real-world mitigation measures. The research methods employed are as diverse as the communities studied—ethnographic research by Prof. Wilson to study Somalis in Silicon Valley, mixed methods and economic analysis by Prof. Troncoso on the state and future of on-demand/platform work, mixed methods (spatial analysis, community mapping, and interviews) by Prof. Douglas to examine unequal access to green space in South Los Angeles, and meta-analysis by Prof. Salazar to showcase effectiveness of several community-based projects that serve Latino/a communities around SJSU campus.