Libra Hilde

Libra HildeAssociate Professor, History

Current Research Activities

My current book project uses quantitative (census reports) and qualitative (diaries, letters) data to examine the social and political impact of Civil War mortality in the U.S. South, a region that lost 18% of its white male population.

What contributed to your research interests?

I became a history major in college after taking a course with Leon Litwack, and my current interests are still shaped by this formative experience.

How does your research relate to current issues?

The book coming out in Fall 2020, on slavery and fatherhood, counters stereotypes of the African American family and enduring conceptions of black masculinity. The next project explores the impact of high mortality in the South on post Civil War marriage patterns, household formation, regional migration, gender roles, politics, race relations, and memory, topics with relevance for modern American politics.

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