2022-2023 Professional Development and Research Funding

In AY 2021-2022, CoSS piloted a Professional Development and RSCA (PDR) fund. We are pleased to announce that PDR fund will continue in AY 2022-2023. This program replaces CoSS Travel Awards, CoSS Just-In-Time Funding, and Departmental operational funds RSCA and Professional Development funding mechanisms.  

Departments have been instructed that state-funded operational funds should not be used to fund individual faculty RSCA or professional development activities.

Tenure-track and tenured faculty who do not have department funding and have exhausted their start-up funds may apply for up to $1250 in PDR funding in AY 2022-2023. Lecturer faculty may apply for up to $750 in PDR funding, prorated by appointment level.

  • 1-3 WTU = $150
  • 4-6 WTU = $300
  • 7-9 WTU = $450
  • 10-12 WTU = $600
  • 12-15+ WTU = $750

Read about the procedures for accessing the funding and guidelines here.

Additional Resources:

  1. CoSS Travel Expenses Estimate Form 2022
  2. Professional Development Fund Chartfields Memo
  3. Professional Development and Research Fund Approval Form for Non-Travel 2022-2023
  4. SJSU Travel Checklist


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