Faustina DuCros


Faustina DuCros

Associate Professor 

Department of Sociology & Interdisciplinary Social Sciences


Current Research Activities

I am interested in how place informs the way Black identities are constructed, specifically in terms of internal migration. To examine this issue, I am currently working on a book project that brings together life histories conducted with Louisianans who migrated to Northern and Southern California during the Great Migration era. Comparing how these two distinct regions shaped communities, individuals, and identities adds to the broader understanding of how diverse Black identities are in the U.S.

Research Connections to Current Events

Looking at the internal migration of the African American Great Migration era illustrates key parallels and adds to the understanding of the multiple facets of nostalgia, adaptation, and connections to place currently being discussed in the contemporary international immigration scholarship.

Personal Connections to Research

I was always fascinated by my grandmother’s stories about leaving Louisiana as a young adult in the 1940s. In graduate school I became interested in exploring similar Great Migration experiences using life history interviews and a sociological lens.

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