Shahin Gerami

Shahin Gerami


Sociology and Interdisciplinary Social Sciences

Current Research Activities

I am currently working on a survey of Santa Clara county population regarding interest in Persian/Iranian culture and their opinion on the Nuclear Accord with Iran. This is funded by a grant from the Roshan Cultural Heritage Institute. I am collaborating with Melinda Jackson and Persis Karim. My RSCA award is for qualitative research that examines the effects of media framing on the social construction of two narratives of mass killings: Islamic Terrorism and the Lone Mass Shooter discourses.

Research Connections to Current Events

I have been able to collaborate with colleagues who are interested in the Middle East/Afghanistan and Iran in research and grant writing.

Personal Connections to Research

As the cliché goes, write about what you know. My research interests come from my Middle Eastern, Islamic/Persian culture and feminist epistemology.