Jacquelyn Brady

Jacquelyn Brady

Assistant Professor

Department of Psychology



Occupational Health Psychology, Stigmatized Populations in the Work Place, Stigmatized Issues in the Work Place, Employee Well-Being, Work-Life Interface, Organizational Resources, Workplace support, Perinatal Loss and Work

Current Research Activities

What role does stigma play in employees' health and well-being outcomes related to work? What can we do to reduce workplace stigma? What policies and practices can best support individuals who have experienced perinatal loss? What role do employers and healthcare providers play in employees' experiences of grief and psychological distress and health following traumatic experiences or significant life changes? What intervention strategies can best support these employees, their families, and their organizations?

Research Connections to Current Events

Over the past couple of years, women's healthcare rights, gender issues, and LGBTQ+ rights are increasingly coming under scrutiny and are increasingly in jeapordy. A large portion of my research aims to identify the importance of peoples experiences and resources that can better support individuals experiencing stigmatized issues in the workplace, the role of organizations in policy making, and the role of organizaions and the people in them for addressing stigmatized issues and supporting individuals who experience them.

Personal Connections to Research

My RSCA is inspired by the things I see in everyday life. My goal as a researcher is to make a difference in peoples lives via actionable strategies that promote equity in the workplace, and that is why I do applied organizational research. 

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